This ‘n’ that

Aprons galore for children, teens, adults, super-adults! Bibbed or tie at the waist, extra-long ties so generously-sized people have the pleasure of tying a real bow.


Missy Scarecrow is ever so snug, cuddled in her elegant cosy cowl. Made of the softest fabric, the cosy cowl keeps winter from poking its rude fingers down your collar. On a windy day, slide it up to cover ears, chin and nose. (Available in black, brown, red, pink, magenta, turquoise, green, many with groovy hand-painted buttons.)

Darlene's new cushionVintage chairs gain new life from new upholstery fabrics that respect the integrity of the original piece. The client came to me with this scrap of worn oilcloth wrapped around a handful of firmly compressed stuffing. More than 50 years ago Grandma made the original cushion for Grandpa, and they’re both gone now.
“I know we could have a new cushion that fits better and is more comfy, but recreating the old one is best for us – sentimental fools that we are,” the client said.
The new one duplicates the old right to the colour of the tape tying it to the spindles, but I added carded sheep’s wool to soften the sitting. The living need to rest in peace, as well.

cat hammock
Cat hammocks
in various designs & sizes for your home, your cats’ outdoor run or for donation to your chosen animal rescue.

jeep boot

Supple leather gearshift boot replaces cracked plastic original.


Wrap your dog in love with a collar cover for any seasonal celebration. The Christmas cover looks like a wreath. 🙂  Tuck one end of the fabric tube Valentine's dog collar.JPGinto the other, or leave it
open to attach the leash, as you wish. These are for BIG DOGS as well as the little ones who usually get fussed over!

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