Fibre accessories: card/spin, knit/crochet

Thick leather flick carding lap pad protects your lap and your flick carder. The curved side fits your torso and the generous width ensures the pad hugs your lap and won’t slip out of position.
When you’re cleaning and separating the fibres in a matted staple of fleece to prepare it for spinning, you use a hitting motion rather than a combing motion and flick the carder downwards with your wrist. You need to protect your clothes and thighs from the impact of the sharp teeth. On the other hand, if you used your carder on a hard surface, you would bend and loosen the teeth.
Available for either left- or right-handed fibre artists, with or without a long-draw measuring grid (which our model prefers) if you like to wear a lap pad to catch debris while you’re spinning as well as carding.

flick lap pad.jpg
yarn bags.JPG

A tapestry yarn bag will keep your yarn ball from leaping onto the floor while you’re knitting or crocheting. Between sessions, your choice of a multitude of lovely fabrics will add to your décor, unlike a messy heap of work, yarn and needles.

Sheena's yarn bag.jpg

Gorgeous high-quality pure cotton canvas arts & crafts bag has more pockets than you can count to make your passion portable. Heavy canvas outer layer with lighter canvas lining plus numerous fabric choices for the two layers of pockets. One zipper or two.

knit kit bag front closed.JPG

bag 2 half open.JPG  bag 1 inside loaded.JPG

bag 2 opened wide.JPG

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