Van Gogh & Johnny (not Depp)

The Facebook conversation started when the excellent Sheena Fraser McGoogan-Artist posted “Small Pear Tree in Blossom,” April 1888 from the Van Gogh Museum. See it here – ‪#‎ArtOfTheWeek‬  or here Van Gogh Museum said: ‪#‎VanGogh was a great admirer of Japanese printmaking, which is reflected in the composition of this work: the small tree in the foreground, the high viewpoint and the lack of depth. I responded to … Continue reading Van Gogh & Johnny (not Depp)

Great minds think alike updated :-)

I’ve been thinking for a while there must be some kind of small case I could make for artists who do what’s called en plein air painting – painting on location. Besides the easel and canvases and extra clothing they’re hauling as they traipse up mountains and across dales to find the perfect spot, they have fiddly bits to keep track of, pencils and such. Well, Alberta en plain air artist … Continue reading Great minds think alike updated 🙂


When people ask what I do, I always say I make things. After that good, crisp beginning, my answer starts to get complicated because I make so many different kinds of things. For the purposes of this site and my Etsy store, I’ll just say that for decades I’ve been making things of leather – cowhide, deerskin, moose, elk – and of beautiful fabrics – mostly natural … Continue reading About/bio