When people ask what I do, I always say I make things. After that good, crisp beginning, my answer starts to get complicated because I make so many different kinds of things. For the purposes of this site and my Etsy store, I’ll just say that for decades I’ve been making things of leather – cowhide, deerskin, moose, elk – and of beautiful fabrics – mostly natural … Continue reading About/bio

Pillows for auction – pups not included

Made a couple of elegant pillows to contribute to an online fundraiser for the rescue I accidentally got these two fabulous border collies from in November — the Alberta Herding Dog Rescue.   <www.facebook.com/HerdingDogRescue/>     Anyone who has known me for five minutes knew I was delusional to think I could foster. Give them up? Never. The auction is called ABHDR AUCTION and bidding … Continue reading Pillows for auction – pups not included

Bada bing bada boom – bamboo!

Wool quilt batting seemed the obvious choice for the insulating layer in the season-spanning jacket in the photo, but if I’ve learned anything in decades of creating one-of-a-kind handmade garments and accessories, it’s to go where the materials take me. So when I discovered wide bolts of bamboo batting tucked into the quilting corner of the fabric store next to the huge array of wool … Continue reading Bada bing bada boom – bamboo!

What is a Busy Hands Apron, you ask?

A Busy Hands Apron is a cosy lap cover adorned with colours and textures and activities for an elderly person who needs soothing. It looks quirky, but it’s an extremely practical comfort tool. Our cognitive abilities may fade, but our feelings don’t, and when a person is agitated, that distress is often expressed by restless hands. This particular apron is for lovely Eileen, a warm … Continue reading What is a Busy Hands Apron, you ask?

Harder than it looks, yes

I’m trying to paint posters, one of a zillion things getting ready for the Guy Weadick Days market in nine days. I do leather, not paint, and, seeing the pic, I’ve gotta say my leather creations are of very much higher quality than my free-hand sign lettering. Traditional Western colours are brown and turquoise, so with acrylic paints I started by mixing a turquoise that turned … Continue reading Harder than it looks, yes

Come visit me at the rodeo!

Happily for Rocky Mountain Custom Leather, there’s a farmers’ market and big top vendors’ tent this year when High River, Alberta hosts Guy Weadick Days June 23, 24, 25 and 26, 2016. The rodeo is a tribute to Guy Weadick, who put together a frontier show in 1912 that has evolved into the huge Calgary Stampede. Guy Weadick Days is an opportunity for professional rodeo participants to hone … Continue reading Come visit me at the rodeo!