Long time, no see

Last year WordPress sent me a confusing note that said my privileges were being changed. I tried to sign on, but couldn’t get past a page that said I had no WordPress sites and inviting me to set one up.  Couldn’t alter anything on any existing pages on either of my sites.

I threw up my hands in frustration at having been unaccountably shut down. Definitely not willing to start from scratch again, I poured my energies into other things. Yet recently WordPress sent another note, this time saying my annual fee would be taken automatically from my credit card. I checked and saw last year’s had been taken, too. What gives?

After much dickotry tonight, I found a way onto my pages. Well glory be. If this item shows up on my site, it means the combination of WordPress’s note crammed with jargon and my lack of expertise on its site amounted to my wasting a year’s fee. I’ll have to make up for it now, won’t I? 🙂


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