When people ask what I do, I always say I make things. After that good, crisp beginning, my answer starts to get complicated because I make so many different kinds of things. For the purposes of this site and my Etsy store, I’ll just say that for decades I’ve been making things of leather – cowhide, deerskin, moose, elk – and of beautiful fabrics – mostly natural fibres like cotton, wool and silk. I avoid hydrocarbon-based materials that never biodegrade.

But beyond that, I make cookies and soups and music, and mistakes and messes, and make dogs mannerly by smothering them with kindness. I also make compost and happily make a garden each year on my patch of prairie.

There’s another side to my professional life, a different form of making things. I’m an independent writer, editor and photographer, and have a separate website for that work. I loved my years in newspapers as a copy editor, reporter and columnist, and continue to love writing magazine stories and speeches and whatever comes my way, and shooting photos.

russet iris.JPG
russet iris




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