Welcome to my leather workshop

399355_428830353838267_1384158578_nWhat can I make for you? Leather bag, wallet? Vest or jacket? What style? Elegant, western, boho? How about an iPad sleeve or journal folder? Guitar strap, JEEP gearshift boot or cat hammock? Let’s design something together for you to treasure or give to someone special!

Vicki elk vestBusy Hands Apron.jpg

prayer flags  heavy, lush fringe

Wearable art made from elk, deerskin and cowhide is the heart of Rocky Mountain Custom Leather, but as you’ll see from the menu and pictures, there’s lots besides leather. I make a wide range of items from quality fabrics as well.

In leather, I make all kinds of bags in a full range of styles — cross-body and shoulder bags, cowgirl or boho or elegant, sling bags, book bags, gigantic bags and wee pocket bags for phone, cards and keys. Fibre artists (or fiber artists), musicians and office workers can find leather accessories here, and, of course, I create clothing for people of all ages.

In fabric, you’ll find everything from a memory bag pieced together from a departed loved one’s favourite clothes, to garden flags that carry blessings across the landscape while protecting tall stalks like sunflowers and hollyhocks from the wind.

And what’s this ‘n’ that? Cat hammocks for your kitties or to support your favourite animal rescue. A wine (leather) wine (coloured) wine holder!  A gearshift boot that won’t crack when the temperature plunges to replace the plastic original in a JEEP. Or whatever else you dream up. Let me know. 🙂

Leave a comment, email me at melaniec@telusplanet.net or tweet me @MJCollison and please check out my shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/RockyMtnCustomLeathr?ref=hdr_shop_menu

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